Canary and Blue World Cup Preview

In 22 days, the World Cup will officially kick-off when Russia plays Saudi Arabia at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The combination of a number of factors,  including the exclusion of many traditional powers, the lack of runaway favorites within the field, as well as the rise of many historically mid-tier nations, has led pundits to remark that this summer's competition offers more parity than any World Cup in modern history. 

To prepare for the competition, Chase and Jimmy have previewed the World Cup group by group, round by round. They offer insights on the leading story lines heading into the tournament, and predict each phase of the tournament leading to the selection of an eventual winner (providing some bold picks along the way). With three weeks until the start of the greatest sporting event on earth, this podcast is a great guide to the drama which will inevitably unfold come June 14.

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Chase Haislip