World Cup Player Profile Series

With Tite's final 23 players confirmed and the World Cup quickly approaching, we are proud to release the "Canary and Blue 2018 World Cup Player Profile Series." Chase and Jimmy (thanks to a heavy intake of caffeine) have produced a ten minute preview video for each member of Tite's squad, with emphasis on each of the player's journey to the World Cup, their club performances during the 2017-2018 season, as well as their impact on Brazil's chances at this summer's tournament. The series features predictions, sizzling hot takes, video clips,costumes,  and even a little bit of magic. Over the next week, we will be releasing a few players each day, so stay tuned! 

Episode 1 - Fred

In Episode 1 of the Canary and Blue Player Profile Series, we look at Fred, the bustling Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder who is on the verge of a big move to Manchester United. Chosen by Tite for his versatility and dynamism, the 25 year old won't expect many minutes at this summer's World Cup, but will hope to use this experience as a stepping stone to a future place in the starting XI.

Episode 2 - Geromel

In Episode 2 of the Canary and Blue Player Profile Series, we analyze Geromel, the Copa Libertadores-winning CB who was chosen by Tite to back-up Miranda, Marquinhos, and Thiago Silva at this summer's World Cup. Making his first World Cup appearance at 32, Geromel is one of the tournament's best stories.

Episode 3 - Filipe Luís

After his incredible recovery from a fractured fibula, Filipe Luís was selected by Tite to play back up to Marcelo. In Episode 3 of our player profile series, we discuss what Luis offers the squad, and why he’s always typecast as the more defensive option. 

Episode 4 - Taison

 In episode 4 of our Player Profile Series we discuss Taison, perhaps Tite’s most controversial selection. The versatile attacker has come under scrutiny since being chosen for this summer’s World Cup. What magic can he bring to the squad? 

Episode 5 - Danilo

With the injury to Dani Alves, Danilo has been thrown into the spotlight and is currently battling with Fagner for the starting right-back spot. In Episode 5 of the Player Profile series, Chase and Jimmy debate Danilo's club performances, and discuss why he might be a decisive player at this summer's World Cup.

Episode 6 - Cássio

In Episode 6 of the Player Profile series, we discuss Cassio, Tite’s third choice goalkeeper. Though he will likely play few matches, the Corinthians man will offer moral support to the squad. 

Episode 7 - Douglas Costa

In Episode 7 of the Player Profile series, we cover Douglas Costa. Perhaps the most electric member of Tite’s 23 man squad, he will offer a massive change of pace off the bench. Though Costa struggles at the start of the season for Juventus, he came on strong at the end of the campaign, and he will be an integral member of the squad.

Episode 8 - Thiago Silva

Once the captain of the Seleção, Thiago Silva is now in a fight for a starting spot in Tite’s squad. Silva has spent much of his career being labeled a bottler, and will see this summer as his opportunity for redemption. On Episode 8 of our Player Profile series, we dive into the complicated figure that is Thiago Silva. 

Episode 9 - Ederson

On Episode 9 of the Player Profiles series, we discuss Ederson, the back-up goalkeeper. Once considered a contender for the starting job, the gap between Ederson and Alisson has widened. Chase and Jimmy discuss Ederson's prospects for starting in the future, and his role within this World Cup squad.

Episode 10 - Fagner

On Episode 10 of the Player Profiles series, we cover Fagner, who is currently competing with Danilo for the starting right-back spot at this summer's World Cup. Despite Fagner's strong form with Corinthians, and Danilo's poor season at Manchester City, it appears Fagner may be on the outside looking in of Tite's starting XI. Chase and Jimmy debate this, and whether Fagner would allow for greater midfield experimentation.

Episode 11 - Marquinhos

Despite forming a strong partnership with Miranda, Marquinhos is now the third choice CB in Tite's squad. In Episode 11 of the Player Profile series, we discuss how Thiago Silva jumped over Marquinhos in the starting XI, and what the future holds for the PSG defender.

Episode 12 - Renato Augusto

Episode 11 focuses on Renato Augusto, a fan-favorite of the C&B Boys. Although Augusto played well during qualifying, his lack of fitness during the March friendlies, as well as his current injury concerns, seem to be keeping him out of Tite's starting XI. Chase and Jimmy lament his exclusion, and offer predictions for his contributions to the squad.

Episode 13 - Roberto Firmino

 In Episode 13 of our Player Profiles series, we look at Roberto Firmino. After a brilliant season under Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, Firmino will be looking to make his mark for Brazil. Though Firmino sits on the bench behind the free-scoring Gabriel Jesus, he will certainly have a role to play this summer. Chase and Jimmy discuss his performances in the Champions League, and offer opinions on how he can be most effective at the World Cup.

Episode 14 - Fernandinho

Fernandinho arrives in Russia after a sizzling campaign for Manchester City during which Pep Guardiola called him a top three defensive midfielder in the world. He was a mainstay for City, playing a massive role in a team that broke the Premier League points record. Fernandinho is currently battling with Renato Auusto and to a certain extent Coutinho for the final midfield spot. On Episode 14 of our Player Profile series, we look at his role within the side and what makes him such an incredible midfielder.

Episode 15 - Willian

In Episode 15 of our Player Profiles series, we look at Willian, perhaps Brazil's most in-form player heading into this summer's World Cup. Despite an inconsistent season at Chelsea (both in terms of performance and playing time), Willian has been in scintillating form for Brazil, placing a debate in Tite's lap as to who should start at right wing. We dive into the debate, and compare Willian to Harry Potter (who knew?).

Episode 16 - Miranda

Miranda is the first choice CB and may be the first choice captain for this summer as well. He has been solid for Brazil since Tite took over the squad, offering a no-nonsense brand of defending to the back line. Although his partner has yet to be fully determined, he is an undisputed starter and leader on this edition of the national team, and the last line of defense in front of Alisson. On Episode 16 of the Player Profiles series, we discuss Miranda's criticality to the side, and compare him to Fred and George Weasley. 

Episode 17 - Casemiro

In Episode 17 of our Player Profile series, we discuss Casemiro, perhaps the second most critical player for Brazil. He has started every match under Tite, and is integral in protecting the back four and allowing the other attacking players to flourish. 

Episode 18 - Paulinho

In Episode 18 of our Player Profile series, we discuss the King – Paulinho. Often disregarded by supporters of both Barcelona and Brazil, he has continued to prove his worth with goals in critical moments. Chase and Jimmy discuss his criticality to this current side, and why he might be a contender for golden boot during the World Cup.

Episode 19 - Alisson

Episode 19 of the Player Profile series focuses of the most in-form goalkeeper in Europe –Alisson. The undisputed starter at goalkeeper had the season of his life at Roma, reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League. Chase and Jimmy discuss transfer rumors, and offer opinions on his potential and future.

Episode 20 - Marcelo

In Episode 20 of the Player Profile series, we cover Marcelo, the best left back in world football, and now a four time Champions League winner. Tite’s system depends on the creativity of Marcelo, and he has proven his worth with incredible combination play with Neymar.

Episode 21 - Gabriel Jesus

In Episode 21 of the Player Profile series, we discuss the #9, the goalscorer, the man with the magic touch in front of goal, Gabriel Jesus. Once of Palmeiras, now of Manchester City, Jesus is one of Europe's best finishers, and will hope to bring his rich run of form to Brazil this summer. While many pundits question whether he should play ahead of the in-form Firmino, Jesus' goal scoring record for Brazil speaks for itself, and he'll lead the line at this summer's World Cup. We discuss his potential for golden boot (and other prestigious titles).

Episode 22 - Philippe Coutinho

Episode 22 of our Player Profile series features Philippe Coutinho, the Barcelona midfielder/attacking midfielder/winger/left-sided midfield player whose versatility continues to give Tite's headaches in the current squad. After spending most of his time under the current manager playing at right wing, the Little Magician is being moved into the midfield to allow for the inclusion of Willian. We debate Coutinho's proper position, and what critical attributes he brings to the squad. 

Episode 23 - Neymar

In the final episode of our Player Profile series, we discuss the Chosen One - Neymar. The best player on this squad and the best National Team footballer on the planet, Neymar will carry the weight of expectations for Brazil for a second consecutive World Cup. With magic in his boots (the Harry Potter was exceptionally appropriate for this episode), Neymar will lead Brazil into Russia with a singular goal of reclaiming the Jules Rimet trophy. We discuss his chances at both the Golden Ball and the Ballon D'Or, and spend plenty of time remarking on his sheer brilliance.